Why Use a Consultant?


When ISO Consultancy services are marketed, businesses often ask, “explain exactly how we can gain from employing your services?” Good question.

Implementing an ISO quality management system (QMS) can provide significant benefits to your company. To realize these benefits, a company must have the knowledge to implement it the right way. An experienced ISO Consultant can generate significant saving in time and money by helping your organization realize the following benefits:

1. Attain ISO Certification The Right Way

A large number of companies get ISO certification for the wrong reasons, usually because it is specified as a requirement for doing business with an existing or potential customer. This leads to sloppy implementation with no sustainable long-term benefits. An ISO Consultant can help you implement the system the right way with the key focus on continual improvement and promoting customer satisfaction.

​2. Improve Company and Product Quality

ISO standards require a corporation to assess and control risks governing its operational processes to provide consistent product or service quality. An experienced ISO Consultant can help you identify and analyze these process risks and implement effective ways to control and manage your business activities. Many good consultants have done dozens, if not hundreds of systems audits and they can share best practices gained from that experience.

​3. Enhance Customer Satisfaction Through Customer-focused Continual Improvement.

Studying your customer’s needs, both stated and implied leads to not just providing a product that meets their specifications, but also fits their actual application or use. This results in significantly reduced product issues and customer complaints. Partnering with your customers to understand their various applications and product concerns will help develop long-term relationships with customers. An ISO Consultant can help you set up such continual improvement processes focused on your customers.

​4. Establish Metrics For Business Management

You cannot manage and improve an organization without information on business performance. Most organizations are too busy doing work and don’t have enough time to set up proper systems to gather data on operational performance. An ISO Consultant can help you determine what business performance metrics to use, how to collect and analyze it, and how to use it for timely and effective decision-making to manage and improve your organization.

​5. Empowering Employee Motivation to Develop a Professional Culture

Implementing ISO standards can require significant change within an organization. It is human nature for personnel to resist change if they feel it is being forced upon them. Involving and empowering employees at all levels from the very outset, to undertake a required change of the ISO standards implementation project, will significantly improve their morale, motivation, and buy-in to systemic changes. ISO Consultants have a lot of experience in facilitating such projects.

​6. Maintain or Recharge Your ISO Quality Management System

ISO standards require an organization to keep its management system dynamic and robust. Many companies have difficulty maintaining their quality management system due to various reasons such as employee turnover, transfers, added responsibilities, economic downturn, etc. Using ISO Consulting services to refresh, recharge and retrain employees can provide much-needed re-focus and motivation in performing required internal audits, root cause analysis, and corrective actions, revisiting controls due to process changes, continual improvement initiatives, etc.

​7. Improve Business Efficiency, Reduce Waste, and Save Money

Many businesses have operational problems that they must deal with. Various studies over the decades have indicated that these problems eat up as much as 35% of the organization profits

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